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Serving New Jersey

Tel 973-994-7150    e-mail: midatlantictel@msn.com

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  • Cabling - Voice / Data / TV / loudspeaker / CCTV
  • Moves, Adds, Changes to your telephone system
  • Maintenance agreements & extended warranty
  • Discount telephone service, T1s, DSL
  • Leasing
  • Custom messages on hold
  • Appointment / announcements/ Survey software
  • Program Includes:

    Equipment Provided and Serviced:


  • Telephone systems - Avaya, Panasonic
  • Emergency Service - 7 days
  • Cabling - Voice / Data/ TV/ Loudspeaker system / Cameras
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) Telephone systems
  • Voice Mail / Auto Attendant
  • Cordless Phones, extended range cordless phones
  • Door phones
  • Music / message on hold player
  • Conference room speakerphones
  • Headsets - wired & wireless
  • Call accounting and call recording software
  • Cordless telephones
  • Camera (CCTV) - over IP, Recordings
  • Computer Networking

    Panasonic Certified DealerAvaya Authorized Dealer

    Upon receipt of your digital announcement system, scriptwriters will work with you to tailor a message that will reduce caller hang-ups, enhance the image of your business and create a positive effect on your bottom line. A team of professionals that includes degreed scriptwriters, digital audio editors and voice talent, will create your strategic marketing campaign.

    Music, voice and digital message system. Your choice of music styles, your choice of voice talents. Scripting up to 4 minutes of audio and 550 words of copy.

    Here's  How it Works!

    Customized On Hold Messaging Program:

    This custom one time special offering will include:

  • Custom on hold scripting
  • Licensed background music
  • Professional voice talents
  • 5 day production turnaround
  • Production approval mailbox