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Avaya is a global leader in enterprise communications systems. The company provides unified communications, contact centers, and related services directly and through its channel partners to leading businesses and organizations around the world.  Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya for state-of-the-art communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and competitiveness. For more information visit http://www.avaya.com/.


PARTNER® Advanced Communications System overview and details.


PARTNER® Advanced Communications System (ACS) is a small business phone system that provides the reliability and simplicity of traditional telephony with the advanced functionality of IP telephony. It supports five incoming lines and nine extensions with a maximum configuration of 21 lines and 44 extensions, or 31 lines and eight extensions. Partner ACS offers options that include Caller ID, Distinctive Ringing, Send All Calls, Speed Dialing, and Five-Party Conferencing. In addition to these productivity tools, the system also has a wide range of cost-control features.


PARTNER® Hardware


PARTNER® Hardware is the foundation of the PARTNER® system. It includes the R8.0 Processor Module, expansion modules (which adds incoming lines and/or phones), 2 and 5-slot carriers, and PC cards that provide features such as backup and restore, direct extension dialing and more.


PARTNER® Messaging - Voice Mail / Auto Attendant


PARTNER ACS offers two messaging options: (1) PARTNER® Voice Messaging (PVM) card, available through a plug-in PC card, provides basic voice mail and attendant capabilities. The configuration consists of two voice channels (ports) and up to 12 mailboxes. (2) the PARTNER® Messaging module, Partner Messaging R7, is designed for customers who require moderate to advances voice messaging capabilities and provides two, four or six voice channels and up to 200 mailboxes.


PARTNER®  Messaging is available as an option for Partner ACS. It comes in its own module, which fits into the Partner ACS carrier like the other line/station modules. Partner Messaging offers three functionality integrated services:


Automated Attendant Service


The Automated Attendant Service answers calls with a customer-recorded greeting and presents callers with a menu of destination options (routes) to guide them to the right person, department or voice mailbox.


Voice Mail Service


The Voice Mail Service provides voice mailboxes in which internal and outside callers can leave messages. Mailboxes can be assigned to any extension in the system. Voice mail subscribers can:


  • Record a name and greeting callers will hear in the language of your choice
  • Choose a password to keep messages confidential
  • Chose a Personal Operator to answer calls when a caller dials 0 before, during or after leaving a message
  • Create and send messages to other voice mail subscribers
  • Broadcast a message to a list of other voice mail subscribers
  • Listen to messages from callers
  • Forward received messaged to other voice mail subscribers
  • Add comments to recieved messages and forward them
  • Delete old messages
  • Administer outcalling numbers
  • The system can be programmed to automatically place an outside call when a new message arrives in a subscriber's mailbox (called "outcalling")
  • Retrieve messages remotely from any touchtone telephone

    PARTNER®  Telephones


    PARTNER®  ACS telephones have a sleek design and superior tactile feel. Models range from basic business phones to executive sets designed for users whose phones are critical to their business lives. They are available in versions with 6, 18 and 34-button displays, as well as wireless phones that let you roam the office.

    PARTNER ACS At-A-Glance


    Stations / endpoints 48
    Line capacity 31
    Lines supported Analog T1, T1 DID and SIP trunks (SIP trunking requires third party gateway)
    Messaging Options for auto attendant, call routing and messaging
    Phones 6, 18 and 34 button phones, an attendant console and multiline wireless handsets
    Accessories Connect accessories - fax machines, credit card readers, wireless headsets or single line phones - without adapters or extra phone lines
    Features (partial listing of over 100 features):
    Absent text messaging When away from their desk, employees can display a message advising other employees of their status
    Call coverage Redirect unanswered calls to another extension or to voice mail
    Caller ID With subscription to Caller ID service - includes caller name and number to both analog and PARTNER phones. Caller ID logging to identify answered and missed calls available on PARTNER display sets
    Call forwarding / Call follow me Have calls follow you to another extension anywhere in your business, or have calls forwarded to another number when you leave the office
    Conferencing Up to 5 parties on a call
    Contact closures support For optional electronic door or gate opening
    Group call distribution Directs calls to a group of extensions, to ring simultaneously or consecutively
    Hospitality features Create outgoing call restrictions or program a wake-up service button
    Music-on-hold Attach any standard music source - radio, CD player, or MP3 player
    Software upgrades Easily upgrade to the latest releases without extended downtime
    Backup and restore Save system programming for immediate restoration (if necessary)
    SMDR/SMDI SMDR creates call records with actual talk time for call accounting purposes. SMDI enables third party software application integration
    Speed Dial Create system or personal speed dials for frequently used numbers
    Station lock Lets users enter a code to "lock" their extensions to prevent unauthorized usage



    Standard Model 6D 18D 34D
    Mute (Mic) Yes Yes Yes
    Built in 2-way speakerphone Yes Yes Yes
    Hands-free Answer Intercom (HFAI) Yes Yes Yes
    LCD Display size (lines x characters) 2x16 2x24 2x24
    Backlit LCD display with 4 contrast levels Yes Yes Yes
    Adjustable LCD display No Yes Yes
    Intercom Buttons 2 2 2
    Programmable Line/Feature buttons with LEDs 4 16 32
    Programmable Line/Feature buttons w/o LEDs 0 4 4
    Feature Access Button Yes Yes Yes
    Hold Button Yes Yes Yes
    Conference Button Yes Yes Yes
    Transfer Button Yes Yes Yes
    Speaker Volume Control Yes Yes Yes
    Ringer Volume Control Yes Yes Yes
    Message Waiting LED Yes Yes Yes
    Caller ID Support Yes Yes Yes
    Adjustable Stand Included Yes Yes Yes
    Station Programming Capability Yes Yes Yes
    Centralized System Programming Capability No Yes Yes
    Auxiliary Jack No Yes Yes



    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) System. 


    IP Office - The "All-in-one" Communications Solution for Small and Medium-Size Companies

    What is it? It is a converged communications solution that uses both voice and IP technology to deliver intelligent ways for you

    to reduce cost, increase productivity and improve customer service for your business.


    How can I use it in my business?


    Connect with colleagues and customers. Simplify access to information. Keep remote workers in touch. You can save money

    through conferencing, networking, call management, Voice over IP and more.


    What are my choices?


    Does your business have one location? Multiple locations? With IP Office you can choose from a range of models and add capacity, applications, and phones as you need them. Whether you have few or many employees, IP Office is the optimal choice.

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